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crafted with love

Pouched baby food changed mamas’ world! They’re more convenient than making your own at home, or baby food in jars. Sadly, the stuff inside was still the same old processed purées. We knew there had to be a better way. With a mission to make healthier nutrition accessible to everyone, we went to work crafting our baby food the same way you would at home.

Since we believe it’s important for mom to feel good about what she gives her baby, we placed a big window on the pouch. And because we don’t believe organic certification is enough and never compromise on food safety, we go the extra mile by having a third party lab test our ingredients, before we use them. The best part, to maintain freshness, easy, keep it in the chiller. Our baby food is packed with pure, organic fruits and veggies, and carefully crafted with unconditional love.

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a fresh beginning

Growing up eating foods made from fresh, organic produce grown in her grandmother’s garden, Rita Katona grew increasingly troubled by the current state of the foods we eat. In 2014 she decided it was time to leverage her successful corporate retail career to follow her calling to make healthy food accessible to everyone. Joined by her husband, health and fitness entrepreneur Eric Hall, they headed into their kitchen, rolled up their sleeves and started So Good.

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our mission

Made with only whole, real ingredients, So Good Brand is dedicated to creating deliciously simple, nutritionally outstanding baby foods and making them conveniently accessible to parents looking to give their little ones only the absolute best.

our community

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