high pressure process

Heat (used in pasteurization) denatures all the good-for-you nutrients and enzymes found in fruits and vegetables. This is true for any amount of heat – even flash pasteurization. Unlike pasteurization, High Pressure Processing (HPP) doesn’t damage the nutrients, but is just as effective when it comes to killing bacteria, making our So Good products safe for consumption for everyone. No heat means it retains the nutrients and enzymes, and, unlike raw baby foods, makes it perfectly safe to store in your refrigerator for a few weeks.

use of pressure rather
than heat
eliminates the need for
food preservatives
flavors of freshness are
nutritional properties
remain intact
destroys bacteria and

our other products

While the well being of your little one is our top priority, we understand that good parenting requires you to be well nourished too. In case you are in need of a little extra energy from caffeine after another sleepless night or the chance to quickly refuel your busy body with the pure nutrients it needs to thrive, check out some of our other products in the So Good family.