mango + spinach

Fresh organic mango and spinach, nothing added. ever. Comes in a pack of twelve.

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    twelve pack

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nutrition facts

This little pouch is packed with pure 100% organic, GMO-free fruits & veggies, nutrients and lots of love. Nothing added. Ever. So you can feel good about what you give to your baby.

  • Ingredients:

    Organic mango, organic spinach

  • To store & serve:

    Always refrigerate. Never microwave, boil, or freeze pouch. Squeeze right out of pouch to serve. Consume within 24 hours of opening. Pouch packaging is 100% BDP-free.

  • Caution:

    Made in a facility that processes cashews. Keep cap out of reach of children 3 years and under. Always use with adult supervision. If pouch looks unusually damaged or unusually swollen, do not feed to your child.

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why So Good Baby?

So Good Baby food is made using only fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients. Nothing added. Ever! Our baby foods are never cooked or heat pasteurized sealing all the good stuff inside each pouch. We believe in our baby food, and we’re pretty sure that baby and you will too.

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